Any fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent.
It takes a touch of genius, and a lot of courage, to move in the opposite direction.

~ Albert Einstein



My art is a result of intuitive urgency to materialize thoughts, to filter my experience of reality and at last to “build things”. For me “building things” creates the bridge between immaterial and tangible.
I work with vast variety of media. The consistency of my art lays in its character and general message rather than a favorite material or a favorite imagery. The “concept”* is the backbone of my process and functions beyond materials.


I wouldn’t be entirely honest if I claimed that I purposefully examine the elements of human existence that most artists tend to examine. Loneliness, failure, certainty of death, impatience, boredom, weakness, impotence and poverty - these troubling thoughts lurk in everyone’s consciousness by default. The artistic articulation may only cause them to surface.
In general I do not comment on reality or do not try to depict it. I intend to create the elements of reality that can complete, contradict or function alongside the already existing ones.


I don’t punch in. I don’t separate a designated amount of my time to make art. I’m not able to schedule it.
As a matter of fact I am in a constant state of openness for inspiration. I don’t perceive the “time for art making” as a strictly manual contact with materials one engages in for a speciified amount of time. The PROCESS happens everytime and everywhere and is continuous. Division into separate pieces of art is strictly technical. I “make art” even as I write this very statement.



*I put the word “concept” in quotes because I don’t see it as just a “right side of brain” intellectual exercise one uses to solve a riddle or a mathematical problem.



Piotr Parda 2008