Piotr Parda

"Man Looking Out The Window"
"Layers VI"
"Flowers II"
"Washing Machine"
"Black Board"
"Father's Day"
"Bird Related Objects"
"Layers V"
"Layers IV"
"Layers III"
"Layers II"
"Layers I"
"Obedience Pattern"
"Office Buildings"
"Ugly Kitty"
"Snow Monk"
"Radical Painting"
"Soup Plate"
"The House of the Rising Sun"
"Empty Wallet"
"Cooking Time"
"Eraser II"
"Toilet Paper Player"
"Tired Tree"
"Dead Strangers"
"Cave Exit"
"Wet Mirror"
"Bridge II"
"Power Drill"
"Here's My Portfolio"
howl "Play"
"Out of Breath"
cemetery "Cemetery"
"Master of Wonders II"
complex "Complex"
spider "Spider"
bridge01 "Bridge I"
problem of emptiness "Problem of Emptiness"
sweets "Sweets I"
"Sweets II"
waiter "Waiter"
canvas "Instruction Manual"
guppies "Guppies"
winter "Winter Is Coming"
air raid "Air Raid"